Fundacja Wytwórnia


In its statute, in addition to pro-cultural activities such as organizing cultural events or promoting culture and the Lodz region, the Wytwórnia Foundation also has educational activities aimed at preparing young audiences for conscious and active participation in the cultural life of Lodz, as well as increasing the involvement of residents in cultural activities.


The Wytwórnia Foundation began operating in 2012.

With financial support from the City of Lodz, it organizes, among others, the Letnia Akademia Jazzu (Summer Jazz Academy) and the International Jazz Platform.

Since then, it has been carrying out a number of projects dedicated to popularizing jazz music.

The Foundation intends to continue to strengthen the traditions of Lodz as a city that supports jazz culture and has been associated with jazz for years, as well as to integrate school and university communities around events dedicated to this musical genre by providing opportunities to participate in workshops, concerts and jazz jam sessions.

The Wytwórnia Foundation is a non-profit organization, has not conducted paid activities to date and does not intend to do so.


01. The main objective is to support and disseminate the comprehensive development of culture and art, including in the fields of theater, music, visual arts, photography, film and literature, with high aesthetic, moral, humanistic values in Poland and abroad.

02. To initiate, support and promote musical (all musical genres), theatrical, film, multimedia and fine arts ventures.

03. Initiating and supporting other activities for culture and art.

04. Charitable activities to facilitate recipients’ access to cultural goods and “products”.

05. Initiating and supporting innovative solutions in various fields of social life, especially in the development of culture, art, technology and science.

06. Assistance in developing the talents of artistically gifted children and young people, promotion of Polish and foreign artists.

07. Promoting contacts between representatives of European countries and communities to establish cooperation for the development of culture, art and education, and leading to the exchange of information and new artistic initiatives.

08. Integrating society around cultural values.

09. Educate the public, as a result of which they will want to participate in, support and create cultural events.

10. Promotion of the city and cultural artists beyond its borders.